From tree to bottle same day as harvest! 

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Love Coconut Oil? So do we. Here at PureLife Tropics we have a passion and reputation for creating the freshest Raw, Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil. We are also Non GMO and Kosher. PureLife Tropics Coconut Oil was founded by Allen Cox who values wellness and a healthy lifestyle as a way of life. 

As a result of living over a decade through out Asian Pacific, Mr. Cox recognized the need for an alternative to the coconut oil products offered en masse to consumers. He created a well-considered plan of action to bring the best coconut oil brand to market. Mr. Cox knew that execution was critical to the success of his ideal product; so he set forth to prudently manage every stage of coconut oil production.

The result of Mr. Cox’s diligence is Purelife Tropics. PureLife Tropics is a 100% Organic/non-GMO, virgin, kosher, raw and cold-pressed coconut oil that is hand-picked, cold-pressed and bottled on the same day of harvest with no chemicals used. The freshness is locked in by our unique methods of production and sanitary stainless steel equipment.

Yes, that is a sizable description. The reasoning behind a long-tail chain of adjectives is that PureLife Tropics goes above and beyond to deliver a superior product. But, this coconut oil is more than a product on a shelf; it is a life-additive.




The source of coconut oil is critical, organic coconut oil is preferable because of genetic modifications and pesticides incurred by non-organic farms. Coconuts extracted and used in Purelife Tropics come from one farm only, not farmed out or blended from multiple suppliers. The Coconuts used in Purelife Topics comes from the same factory and farm.

The typical origin of coconut oil is this: Coconuts are put on the side of the road by various farms. A middle man will eventually pick up these coconuts and take them to a factory for processing, which begins the coconut oil production process. This process leads to quality control issues and a large lag time between the coconuts being picked and being bottle. Most companies “blend” their coconuts from multiple factories or farms which have various means of production and time. This results in the coconuts being degraded by the time it is pressed and bottled. Purelife Tropics freshness and high quality is specifically due to limiting all the possible factors and degrading a pure fresh coconut oil.

Sun-dried coconuts used to make oils will most likely contain mold, which causes health issues rather than prevents them. Purelife Tropics oil is picked, pressed and bottled on the same day to lock in and insure freshness and to make sure there is no opportunity for mold growth. In fact Purelife coconut oil is produced from an Organic/non-GMO coconut farm. The nuts are picked at the right age, de-husked, grated pulp is cold pressed and then bottled. Our bottling process uses modern stainless steel machinery providing a sanitary environment. Some raw coconut oil is actually fermented which ours is not.

Virgin, or unrefined, coconut oil has greater health benefits because refining it removes the nutrients. Unrefined oil is used for cooking, baking additives, a butter alternative, and a condiment. A list of recipes and suggested uses is on this website.

Coconut oil should be colorless, like Purelife Tropics oil. Yellow or gray tinged products suggest there are impurities in the oil. A strong flavor or smell equals poor quality because the manufacturers added flavoring to cover the taste of the refinement process.

“Saturated fat” in coconut oil is not like the kind of fat you see on a piece of bacon. Easier to digest than other sources of fat, coconut products are also easier to metabolize. Fat keeps you full longer; that is a scientific fact. Plus, coconut fat is not stored; it goes directly from the intestines to the liver for energy.

The variety of fat found in coconut is not the artery-clogging type that is in animal-based or canola oil fat. Actually, the Lauric acid found in coconuts can boost your “good” cholesterol.

Lauric acid and its derivative monolaurin, are extracted and used by pharmaceutical companies in antimicrobial products. So there is a connection between pure coconut oil and germ fighting.

The purity of Purelife brings the Tropics to you.